Thong, Never goes wrong

I have never worn a thong. Thong - yes that confusing pair of undies that lead you to think whether its yours or your GF's. But well, there is always a bit of adventurer inside you, isn't it?

So there, I bought this sexy looking thing called - Thong from Well, and then the real adventure starts.
The 'see through thong' doesn't bear any company's logo. Don't know why. But for 370 bucks, one always wants a brand to be associated with his undies. But never mind, when you are having a sexy piece of cloth. It is made of mash like (fish net like, if i put the words of the listing on seller's site)  cloth, 100% Polyester. That means your better half will have to try hard to breath.

So mostly advised season to wear this - Winter. Or, few hours earlier if you have a surprise midnight visitor ;). The fit is almost perfect. Though we have people in our country with 'smaller' pelvis area (know what I mean), so there it may cause a 'little' problem. But the main concern area here, is the backside. Yes, the 'bikini' styled backside, which we are not yet used to. See for yourself. ;) But as I said earlier - Adventure :) And well, your GF (or BF) will absolutely like it, given you have bleached your butt-cheeks.

Verdict ---

Style : Fantastic.
Suitable for : That night out when you expect some fireworks.
Fit and Quality : Awesome fit, the quality though demands extra care while washing.
Best thing  : The 'show it all' bulge it gives.

Overall : 4 / 5

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  1. I would like to know from where did you buy it?

    1. I found it on Ebay dot in
      Try searching for this.

    2. What is the prize of this thong just rply fast I want to buy

    3. Here is one similar. Priced 350 Rs. See this link

    4. If u want this type of thong them call me i m exporter and my wife chandrika lehre wear this..... Ilove her very much,she seduce me daily