VIP Frenchie : Old is (not) Gold

Hardly there is anyone who doesn't know this brand. Isn't it? This is the most famous brief [once upon a time of course]. Way before any international brand came into action in India, VIP was the leader. And the 'Frenchie' brand created quite a stir in market with their 'bold' ads. 

Made with 100% cotton and with body hugging fit & double layer contoured pouch for maximum comfort - that's what the manufacturer claims. Lets see how correct they are. 

First and foremost, it is not so comfortable at all. just see its design closely - it is quite larger than the natural 'V' shape that the pelvis area forms. So, most of the time men ends up 'adjusting' the groin. Also, it doesn't form itself to suit the shape of bulge, and pushes it inside the body. For a hot country, this is almost avoidable. Though full marks to the cloth that is cotton - no sweat. But disadvantage of it - color fades. And last thing - the appearance - it doesn't show off the bulge, rather presses it inside. Also, no 'brand show off' stripe out there. So if it peeps out of your pants, it looks like panties. Duh. But come on, for just 75 buck, this can be your savior in 'no laundry' days. 

Overall --- 

Style : Not at all stylish. 
Suitable for : Lazy day at home. 
Fit and Quality : Fit is an issue, quality isn't.
Best thing  : Price

Overall : 2 / 5 

Lastly, I leave you with this antique print ad of this survivor of the old age. 

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  1. Company should make it more V shape so that it's comfortable to wear by men. Either improve or parish.

  2. I dont feel this comfortable

  3. My hip size is 32 inch and so i bought 80 cm vip underwear. Its really not that comfortable but cheap. Bt it doesnt fit my waist correctly . It just slips off my waist. And also the front part is of low height so all my pubic hairs are visible by others when I remove my pants for swimming.