Ashmit Patel's Guide to Undies

Recently, Ashmit Patel shared his 'body' - some pic, by the way, to depict the guide to what underwear to wear, (originally published here)  and when. Here are some shots and text. 

When to wear... Trunks
These hybrid underwear are a mix of briefs and boxer briefs. They're best suited to guys with slim legs.

Wear them with:
Looser formal clothing for more support and less wedgies.

Mid-rise briefs
This pared-down style is cut higher on the leg and lower on the waist-a solid choice for jobs that require sitting down all day. "It looks best on a slim or athletic build," says celebrity stylist Rishi Raj.

Wear them with: Low-rise jeans, says Raj.

When to wear... boxer briefs
Guys too stocky for trunks can take solace here, says Kukreja. Fly-front cuts offer lesser support than briefs, but newer pouch versions manage your business.

Wear them with: 
Clothes that you'd wear for a job that requires a lot of physical activity.

When to wear... Briefs
Briefs offer an attractive profile and hold your package in place, so absolutely anyone can wear them... comfortably.

Wear them with: Your gym wear.

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