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Jockey - once upon a time this name made a big impression among all. One would love to show off their red colored waist band peeping out from their low waist pants. Not any more now. But still, Jockey knows how to 'please' customer and provide utmost comfort to the user.

Jockey Zone is also dubbed as 'new, young' series. That is different from classic designs of the company. And I feel, the Modern Brief is the best from the lot. Why? Lets check out.

Appearance & Fit : Look wise this is a basic brief - if you think like that, you are wrong. This is perhaps one of the finest cut brief jockey has made for man. It fits perfectly to your crotch line. And the bulge area (which, a man always concerned with) is stitched in a way that it provides a perfect shape to your bulge, as well as providing a comfortable fit to your parts. Its pouch is designed in a way from front, that it easily houses your male parts in best, natural way. Not pressing it too much, nor leaving it hanging around. And because of the curvy front design, your bulge looks perfect with anything you were. (check out the close up below). And the backside - is perfect coverage. You will never end up showing your 'bikini' line if you wear formal pants. 

Fabric : Fabric for this is brief, is one of the basic one. Cotton. Nothing else. So by the time it face some wash after wash, it might become a bit rough, but nevertheless still comfortable and top it all, great for sweaty atmosphere. Colors do not fade even after few months !! (Personal experience ;) Nor do the shape. Only concern with the build is the 'show off your brand' belt. It is not seamless. It is stitched in backside. So, ''Jockey'' written on belt, gets disturbed look backside (where you want to show off the most) and a stitch of belt is very much visible. But, for a moderate budget (110 Rs. per piece), Not a bad deal. 

Final Verdict :

Style : Comfortably good. 
Suitable for : When you want to show off that bulge. ;) Well, suitable with anything to be frank. 
Fit & Quality : Perfect fit. Nothing too much, nothing less. 
Best Thing : Feel comfortable, yet look sexy. 

Overall : 5 / 5

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